The human voice is a complex and incredible thing. It’s actually really hard to fathom how something so seemingly tiny and delicate has the power to make sound that moves us so deeply.  Ella Fitzgerald

Are you looking after your instrument? Do you know how?

Sure it’s resilient, but there is much comfort to be had in knowing how it actually works, how not to injure it in the first place, when to rest if you do and when to seek help.

On this page I’m going to guide you through some simple techniques and tips to help strengthen your voice and boost your confidence.

First things first…

I’ve also created a Natural Health PDF which I usually share with my singers and voice students around cold & flu season, but I’m sharing this more now as I’ve updated it to deal with the current stressors of the COVID19 pandemic.

Natural Remedies for a Healthy Voice and Lungs

I’ve been teaching for over 20 years, I trained therapeutically and as a voice actor, jazz singer, folk singer and vocal composer, so I can tailor lessons to suit the very specific needs of my individual clients. From professional singers and actors, to people of all ages who are just starting out. Everyone has room to grow. 

Online Study

My online course “Your Vocal Health – The ‘How To’ Guide for Professional Voice Users,”  is the culmination of 20 + years working with and studying the voice and a  renewed passion for its anatomical efficiency.

This course is currently in Beta testing mode and is currently available for the discounted price of $197 here:


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"I met Julia after a number of years of working with voice instructors. We've worked together both one-on-one and in groups. Her unique craft of integrating both technical and emotional tools in our practices has enabled me to loosen up the constraints on my voice and make unprecedented strides. I've sharpened my ability to sing harmonies, loosened up my head and neck, and found surges of inspiration to write and perform. And it's fun! Julia is a kind soul and a dedicated teacher. I'm glad to have her support." Arif. H. San Francisco

"Julia is AMAZING! I decided to take singing lessons for fun, then saw her bio on Yelp and learned that she works with trauma survivors -- I've been working with her now for nearly 2 years and it's been both healing and fun. Despite all the work I'd done with therapists, I was unaware how effective voice work is to deal with trauma; it's been truly extraordinary, and has allowed me to uncover stuff that I then take to therapy to resolve. She's a talented vocalist, a caring and intuitive teacher, and a real joy to be around. Thank you Julia!" Sherry M. San Rafael. CA 

"Julia is the best! I've had a lifelong desire and crippling fear of singing. Julia was able to work with me over time to slowly open up and use my voice exactly how I want to use it. Now, I can sing and even perform in front of other people - something that would have been impossible in the past. I can't recommend Julia enough". - Chris P, Oakland. CA

"Julia is an inspiring teacher. She tailored her teaching methods to meet my voice development needs. Her creative teaching methods made her lessons engaging, interactive and fun. It was seamless to make progress with her holistic teaching methods. I highly recommend Julia as a voice coach. She is also a beautiful singer. " Tara R. Menlo Park. CA

Julia is the kind of teacher you want your child to have!  A nurturing, fun-loving, inspiring, challenging, professional, confidence building voice coach!  She teaches musical theory, voice and breath control, vocal health, pitch, harmonizing and presentation dexterity.  Julia exposes her students to music from many different genres, cultures and historical reference points while consistently helping them master their favorite current tunes as well - always piquing their interest and wholeheartedly supporting them in trying something new.  My, now high school, daughter started singing with Julia in elementary school as a creative outlet for her shyness and anxiety.  When she started with Julia she would stand stick straight and wide eyed singing her scales.  Now she has developed such presentation confidence and vocal strength from their work together, that she happily enjoys stage roles with several school and community musical-theater productions.  Julia also goes out of her way to strengthen a sense of comradery among adults and children in her community, offering neighborhood sing alongs, musical improv sessions and holiday caroling. Julia truly wants to teach the world to sing and make it a better place through music!  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for voice work or just wanting to try something new - you'll have a wonderful growth experience!" Sarah H. San Rafael. CA

"Julia has a way of gently pushing and accompanying you as you discover the potential of your voice. Technical work is often couched in dynamic movement and visualizations.  You leave her sessions, inspired, challenged and more joyful than when you walked in." Nancy B, Los Angeles. CA

"Julia is an amazing teacher! My daughter has been taking lessons with Julia for 3 years now and she is patient, kind and makes the lesson fun yet educational. Not only have the lessons strengthened my daughter's voice, it has also built up her confidence with public speaking. Awesome!" Sheila B, San Rafael. CA.

"Julia has been a singing and voice teacher to my 12 yo daughter for the last 2-3years. My daughter loves every lesson and is always excited for class. Julia’s positivity and love of singing is contagious. She is kind, fun, talented and knowledgeable in her field. My daughter has gained so much confidence since starting with Julia that extends far beyond singing. I would recommend Julia as a singing and voice teacher to all people, children and adults both. She is truly an amazing teacher and person." Camille G. San Rafael. CA

"Julia makes teaching seem effortless. She is firm in her instruction but with a level of compassion and curiosity that allow a-ha moments to flourish. And she's got a great sense of humor. Her years of practical experience are evident in how she is able to calibrate the class to fit each individual need. Highly recommended for all levels and ages. Thanks Julia!" Lea. G. Sausalito. CA

"Not only is Julia an incredibly talented singer, but she's an amazing person and teacher. My 10 year old daughter has been going to weekly voice lessons with her for about a year now and her growth as a singer has been exponential!! I knew my kiddo had a voice, but Julia has really brought it out of her so beautifully. Needless to say we adore her as an artist, teacher and friend. So grateful to have found her!! " Annie K. San Anselmo. CA

"Julia is a voice whisperer. I had been afraid to sing all my life. Julia helped me break through my fears to find my singing voice. In addition, I gained confidence and accessed courage that I didn't know I had. Julia is gentle, compassionate and thoroughly knowledgeable about all aspects of the voice. She provides a lovely, safe space in which to sing, cry, laugh and break through the blocks that keep us from accessing our true voice. I can't recommend Julia highly enough!" Jackie J. San Leandro. CA

"I first worked with Julia when my 12 year old took private voice lessons with her and the experience was fantastic. Ms. Norton used her expertise and talent to really bring out the inner musician in my child and helped to build her confidence in herself. Since then I have had the pleasure of singing with Julia in a variety of community events and she continues to create a fun, creative, and professional space for her students to learn and grow!" Gabby T. San Rafael. CA

"When I started with Julia I was stuck in big rocker voice – all big, all the time. I also was blocked in allowing vulnerability to surface in the song. I love the way Julia works. She's very intuitive and uses some cool techniques to help build new skills. We navigated some tricky emotional terrain together and got it to where I work it (instead of it working me!) Thanks Julia. I so appreciate having more vocal and emotional colors and textures at my disposal now! I highly recommend Julia." Jenn F. Las Vegas. Nevada

Julia was Music Director for a production of Alice in Wonderland that I directed with 60 3rd-5th graders. She was extremely supportive and encouraging with the students while teaching them some very difficult music with complex harmonies. She was always dependable, on time, prepared and the kids loved working with her. She was very flexible, easy to work with and her creative choices were spot on. Would love to work with her again! Sarah Mc. Fairfax. CA

"I cannot say enough about how absolutely wonderful Julia is as my daughter's voice teacher. Julia has a very warm and approachable interpersonal style that makes one feel immediately comfortable. She provides the perfect balance of fun and skill development. My daughter looks forward to voice each week, and she is always upbeat afterwards. I have also noticed tremendous improvement in my daughter's ability to sing as a result of her work with Julia." Tracy R. San Rafael. CA

"Always such a positive and supportive teacher. Julia inspires and encourages at every step of the learning process. Strong practical understanding of how to get you singing with confidence. Any chance to sing with Julia Norton is a glorious time!" Jim E.  San Rafael. CA 

"A grand ol' time is to be had when taking one of her workshops. Be warned, you will be challenged and inspired to sing your heart out and stretch your vocal range! Prepare for Awesomeness!" Alexis S. San Francisco. CA

"My daughter has been taking singing lessons with Julia for several years now. She’s always had a great voice, but Julia has helped her to find her own style and bring her to the next level. Julia encourages her to try new things and push beyond her comfort zone, which resulted in more confidence and better performance overall. She is very supportive of her students, and from our observations at recitals and seeing Julia with her other students, she adjusts her teaching style to match each students needs. As a parent of one of her students, I enjoy the community that Julia builds through the recitals and celebration of her students progress. I highly recommend Julia to those who are looking for a way to help their child come out of their shell." Mura S. San Rafael. CA