‘Dark and Twisty Tales’  is a seasonal, twice monthly telling of the darker and lesser known folks stories and fairy tales.

Because I imagine these stories being told on a ‘dark and stormy night’, (and because it’s quite a lot of work to produce them) they will be released twice a month from the autumn equinox (Sep 21st) to the spring equinox (March 21st).

I’m a pretty upbeat ‘bright side’ kind a gal, but I’ve always been fascinated with macabre folk ballads and fairy stories. There is no light without darkness after all, and fictional darkness is much more appealing to me than the real stuff! So, if listening to these stories gives you a few minutes respite from the real ogre and wicked step-mother in your own life, then I am glad! xox

This podcast is a labor of love, which means I don’t get paid for producing it. If you’re listening, especially if you like it, please let me know by posting feedback, ratings or reviews wherever you get your podcasts and help me cut through the noise so other people can find me too. Thank you so much!!

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