Thursday 2nd May 6-7pm

‘The Penelope Poems’ at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco

I’m thrilled to be reading, singing and improvising in this wonderful project. This ancient story is so relevant today.

Based on a careful study of Homer’s the Odyssey, and her research on women’s lives in Bronze Age Greece, Patti Trimble has written a suite of spoken poems on the women of the Odyssey. In this presentation of poetic/musical excerpts, Penelope speaks monologues on her life in the palace, weaving and thinking in her room, responding to Rumor’s messages about Odysseus and his return. A poetic chorus, supported by song and music, tells the mythical–historical origins of Homer’s female archetypes and monsters. Trimble uses the evolution of her imagined Penelope to weave poetic imagery onto the loom of her research from academic texts and ancient Greek writings

Thursday 11th April 7-10pm

Singing Salon for my adult students

This free event is for a limited number of students who have worked with me privately or in a group setting in the last 18 months. If that’s you and you haven’t received and invite and you’d like to come, let me know!

We’re going to share a pot luck dinner, sing a song or two as a group to warm up and then share a song or two each in this small and supremely supportive group. Experience ranges from beginners to professionals, genres will be across the board and hearts are big. Come and sing!

“Always such a positive and supportive teacher. Julia inspires and encourages at every step of the learning process. Strong practical understanding of how to get you singing with confidence. Any chance to sing with Julia is a glorious time!” Jim.

“A grand ol’ time is to be had when taking one of her workshops. Be warned, you will be challenged and inspired to sing your heart out and stretch your vocal range! Prepare for Awesomeness! Alexis.

“Julia is a skillful & compassionate teacher, who has a profound understanding of both solid vocal technique and the emotional and psychological dimensions of singing”. Karen