Is it time to take your slippers off?

I spend a lot of time in my comfy slippers, either in my vocal booth recording voice over, or in my home studio teaching others how to sing and use their voices. 

Last week however, I put on actual shoes and got out of the house! I know! Crazy right? And what a truly, lovely experience it was.

This is the view from the room at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, where I joined with poets Patti Trimble, Maya Kholsa and instrumentalist Peter Whitehead to perform ‘The Penelope Poems’.

If you love Greek myth or interwoven poetry and music, it’s a real treat. Penelope’s chance to talk back.  Here’s a link to the podcast episode.

I was a little nervous. We hadn’t had much rehearsal, I was reading poems, singing songs, improvising and being recorded in front of a live audience, but the pay off from getting uncomfortable was huge. I LOVE to collaborate. I LOVE to be with like minded creatives, who can trust in the creation process and live with the imperfections that often arise in a live improvisation. I love it all and am so grateful to Patti for creating such beautiful poetry and bringing us all together.

“We cannot grow, if we don’t get out of our slippers…out of our comfort zone.”

Huge thanks to you to those of you who have been emailing me responses to my questions …

What aspects of singing would you like more confidence in?

What do you think is standing between you and a free and open voice?

Today I’m going to add one more…

What’s stopping you from singing…right now?  Because my guess is…it’s got something to do with your slippers?

Huge hugs


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PPS. If you’re ready to sing let me help you with

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