"...an exceptional guide to discovering the voice."

I work with adults and children to develop a relaxed, free and strong voice.

I have been singing and performing my whole life. In 1998 I trained in Voice Movement Therapy in London with the founder Paul Newham. I have been working with groups and private clients using this technique ever since.

Voice Movement Therapy, is a dynamic system, based on the artistic & therapeutic possibilities of the singing voice. It was developed in the UK by Paul Newham, and is predominantly built on the work of Alfred Wolfsohn & Roy Hart. It consists of a series of physical postures with corresponding vocal configurations, which tap into previously unknown areas of the voice and strengthen existing ones. This technique informs my teaching as well as my performance and compositions.  I am a former director and qualifying committee member of the International Association for Voice Movement Therapy.

In addition to my extensive training with Paul Newham, I've also studied with Della Rhodes, Anne Brownell, Melanie Harold, Frankie Armstrong, Ida Kellarova, Dave Stroud and Katie Guthorn.

For more details and to schedule a lesson please visit: https://julianorton.musicteachershelper.com/home


Recent Teaching Reviews 

Julia’s talent, knowledge, experience, compassion, and joyful personality blend to create an exceptional guide to discovering the voice. She is a skilled artist who continues to master her own voice and generously share her process, intuition and wisdom. My work with Julia over the past months has been transformational, enlightening and deep. She is truly gifted and one of the most remarkable people I’ve worked with in any creative capacity. I’ve discovered a vital part of myself that has been locked away my entire life. I’m so excited and grateful to have the opportunity to work with Julia and can’t wait to see what unfolds within.

Maria M. on February 26, 2015


Julia is a gifted teacher who brings multidisciplinary experience to each student to customize the learning process. For someone just starting voice lessons for fun I had no idea where to begin, but Julia has worked with me to break music down to a level I could grasp and helped me set realistic stepping stones to each goal. Her lessons are a combination of no nonsense exercises and just plain creative fun, something only the best teachers can achieve, which she accomplishes through her work ethic and delightful sense of humor. If you are not sure where to begin, feel you are missing blocks of information in your understanding of music, or have an emotional block to voice work I recommend Julia because she can meet you where you are and help craft a path to where you want to go.

Seanan P. on March 12, 2015


My classes with Julia have been genuinely life changing. Sessions feel like a combination of improving my singing voice and deep personal therapy. Before I started, I don't even think I knew there was so much to learn about the voice. Julia also made me feel safe to sing in front of her. I quickly released all my fears about being wrong or sounding terrible, which might have been my biggest surprise- how quickly she made me comfortable with my own self.

Whitney M. on February 26, 2015


Julia is a gift to any voice student. She is a teacher who knows how to help any student enhance their god given abilities. She is patient, bright, kind and knowledgeable. 
She will help you till she has no more to give and she has the integrity to tell you when you need to leave the nest and fly. I love this woman and she also makes a great cup of tea!

Susan V. on February 17, 2015


Julia is a voice whisperer. I had been afraid to sing all my life. Julia helped me break through my fears to find my singing voice. In addition, I gained confidence and accessed courage that I didn't know I had. Julia is gentle, compassionate and thoroughly knowledgeable about all aspects of the voice. She provides a lovely, safe space in which to sing, cry, laugh and break through the blocks that keep us from accessing our true voice. I can't recommend Julia highly enough!

Jackie J. on February 6, 2015


Lovely experience! Very professional, with a wide range of musical, arts and drama background. Julia has wonderful ideas for inspiring children to learn all kinds of music: classical, folk & contemporary - singing, instruments & theory. The kind of teacher / mentor parents like to have their children involved with. I would wholeheartedly recommend Julia to children and adults alike. Very fun and lively!

Sarah H. on January 31, 2015


Julia was Music Director for a production of Alice in Wonderland that I directed with 60 3rd-5th graders. She was extremely supportive and encouraging with the students while teaching them some very difficult music with complex harmonies. She was always dependable, on time, prepared and the kids loved working with her. She was very flexible, easy to work with and her creative choices were spot on. Would love to work with her again!

Sarah M. on January 25, 2015


My 12 year old took private voice lessons with Julia and the experience was fantastic. Ms. Norton used her expertise and talent to really bring out the inner musician in my child and helped to build her confidence in herself. Julia creates a fun, creative, and professional space for her students to learn and grow!

Gabrielle T. on January 22, 2015


I cannot say enough about how absolutely wonderful Julia is as my daughter's voice teacher. Julia has a very warm and approachable interpersonal style that makes one feel immediately comfortable. She provides the perfect balance of fun and skill development. My daughter looks forward to voice each week, and she is always upbeat afterwards. I have also noticed tremendous improvement in my daughter's ability to sing as a result of her work with Julia.

Tracy R. on January 21, 2015


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