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On Lullaby Island, Britain –born Julia Norton sings traditional and original airs with precision and crystalline clarity. Many tunes are performed a cappella; others are accompanied by guitar or Celtic harp. This lovely album is sure to soothe small souls and bring peaceful slumber.  

Dance View Times

"The evening's one unmitigated delight was vocalist Julia Norton who could trill, hum, scat, throat-sing and do multi-phonics with the best of them. Her jazz improvisation on Copeland's 'Appalachian Spring' was simply superb."

San Francisco Chronicle

"Julia Norton's inventive a cappella score nicely complements McKereghan and Kelly's subtly clever performances and writing."


Julia Norton’s Lullaby Island has everything I love, not just in kid’s music, but in all music. The melodies are complex, Norton’s voice is airily gorgeous, and the lullabies are original and sweet. 


Check out beautiful vocalist Julia Norton's Lullaby Island, a truly sweet collection of 18 original and traditional bedtime tracks. Just don't blame me if your kids wake up one morning and decide to pursue a career in harp playing. -Kristen 

The Opinionated Parent

This is a wonderful mix of lullabies that transport children to far away magical places and soothing sounds from nature. It is enjoyable to listen to even if you’re not at all tired. It would be just as great for turning the “imposed relaxation hour” into dreamy la-la-time as it would for those precious moments before bed. Unlike any other CD in our collection, we are loving the imaginative discussions that this CD can bring to relaxation time. Simply wonderful! 

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