Last year I was lucky enough to be directed to the work of Denise Duffield Thomas #DeniseDT and her book 'Get Rich Lucky Bitch!'. #GetRichLuckyBitch.

What a life changing experience that was for me, I devoured the book and quickly signed up for her online Money Bootcamp course. Here's me being interviewed shortly after I took the course last fall.


You see the thing is, for a lot of creative women who also want to heal the world, money is a sticky subject. It's almost as if we feel like we HAVE to be struggling, working really hard all the time and giving stuff away for free in order to keep some divine alignment in the universe. If we dare flourish financially then we're shallow, or greedy.  That's just wrong, on so many levels. I know this now. I didn't know it then!

I cannot encourage you enough to enjoy the fine free samples of her work that Denise is making available this month. I'll post some bits and pieces here, but if you'd like all the goodies as soon as they are released, please send me message with your email and say #MoneyBootcamp in it!

Here's a little sample:

How To Upgrade Your Lady Mafia

The 3 Mistakes That Keep Women Entrepreneurs Broke and Exhausted -- And How You Can Eliminate Them This one has a great downloadable e-book.

Your Map To Wealth This one has a detailed chunk from Bootcamp on sabotages, that is so helpful and revealing.

Free webinar with Denise! Learn her 5 Strategies to Upgrade Your Money Mindset with Denise Duffield-Thomas Tuesday April 17th!!

Let the abundance flow!





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